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Having someone notice

Another important part of the writing process is deciding who your audience is and how that will affect what you write and how you write it. More important may be the realization that you have an audience at all. I gave the students … Continue reading

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Books, books and more books

I used a lot of fantastic mentor texts in my classroom last year and I’m proud of that. What I’m not so proud of is the way that I used them to “spark” ideas in the students for their own … Continue reading

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Is there an app for that?

Can ipads be part of the writing process? How could students use ipads to prewrite? Dictating stories instead of having to physically write Taking photographs Story creating (Pet Pals app) Drawing pictures Checking spelling Do you have other ideas? Please … Continue reading

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My ideas come from everywhere—the landscape, something I hear on the radio or from a book I’m reading.- Melissa Sweet Something I didn’t realize until I started this project is that ideas are included in that big polka-dotted umbrella step … Continue reading

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Chickens and rainwater: Getting students to notice their worlds

The Red Wheelbarrow William Carlos Williams   so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens ________________________________________________ Returning to my guiding question, how do I get students to think like writers (and ban … Continue reading

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Standing on the shoulders of giants: Donald, Donald, Lucy and Ralph

Pondering these questions led me to four writing ‘gurus:’ Donald Murray, Donald Graves, Lucy Calkins, and Ralph Fletcher. Donald Murray: Teach process, not product Murray believed that teachers should focus on teaching students the process of writing. He wrote about this … Continue reading

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Guiding Questions

How can I teach my students to think like writers?   How can I encourage them to generate their own ideas and plan their writing in a way that works for them?   How can I share with them the … Continue reading

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